Certified Phoenix, AZ Criminal Law Specialist

Highest peer rated and Arizona Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist.

The Arizona State Bar has certified Mr. Gillespie as a criminal law specialist.

Additionally, Martindale-Hubbell®, the oldest and most esteemed organization that evaluates and rates attorneys concluded, after questioning judges and lawyers who know Mr. Gillespie, that he has an exemplary reputation and the highest ethical standards.

Why is it Important for an Attorney to Be a Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist?

Not every Arizona criminal defense lawyer is a specialist; actually, most are not, and it is strictly prohibited for an attorney to use of the terms “specialize” and “specialist” if that attorney is not certified as a specialist by the Arizona Board of Legal Specialization.

A large number of fine lawyers take pride in their versatility and ability to handle cases across many different legal disciplines. However, in Arizona, a certified specialist is known to have a higher level of experience and sophistication in a particular area of practice.

Being certified as a criminal law specialist in Arizona illustrates the lawyer’s fulfillment of demanding standards relating to such qualities as the following:

  • Years of experience practicing criminal law
  • Litigating a certain amount of jury trials, contested motions and appellate matters
  • Focus in criminal law as a primary practice area
  • Successfully completing a written exam
  • Recommendation by 5 impartial lawyers or judges

Clients of The Gillespie Law Firm have benefited from retaining a certified criminal law specialist. Clients benefit from Mr. Gillespie’s experience, attentiveness to detail, and personalized representation in cases ranging from misdemeanors to serious felonies. The results our Phoenix, AZ criminal defense firm has achieved are proof of the value of our techniques and our client service abilities.

Craig Gillespie worked hard to attain his own certification as a criminal law specialist. To understand how his specialization in criminal law through the course of his twenty year career can help you find the best defense for your legal issue, contact The Gillespie Law Firm in Phoenix for a free consultation.