Our Phoenix, Arizona criminal defense attorneys’ years of experience and success, along with their practice of providing compassionate representation, instills our clients with confidence that their legal matter can be resolved successfully. Many clients believe the hard work and advice of our Arizona criminal defense lawyers made coping with their pending criminal charges manageable and the outcome provided them with a fresh start.

Many of our former clients have thanked us as follows:

Dear Craig:
“I wanted to express my sincere thanks to you for everything you did for me to help me win my case. As I told you several times, this is the worst thing that has ever happened to me! Although I was quite nervous at court-you kept me calm and helped me through the anxiety of being on the stand. Thank you so much for helping me win my case and if I have to refer anyone to a lawyer, it will be to you!!”

S.A., Gilbert, Arizona

Dear Craig:
“I’m writing to personally thank you for the outstanding services that you have provided to me over the past year and one half. From initial meeting through to settlement personal attention, professionalism and persistence are your trademarks. You and your staff are to be commended for the thoroughness of research, attention to details, ability to sift through voluminous information and then synthesizing it into a plausible defense strategy. Even in the face of an unlikely win with the Judges’ denials at trial you worked with fluidity and modified your approach to beat the obstacles and settle my case with outstanding results.”

S.D., Phoenix, Arizona

Dear Craig:
“We can never thank you enough for all you’ve done for son. It was your expertise that resulted in a light sentence for such a serious offense, and we are very grateful.”

B.M. & H.M., Glendale, Arizona

Dear Craig:
“Your professionalism, attention to detail and vast understanding of Arizona law coupled with your reassuring nature truly ruled the day for my not guilty verdict. We often discussed strategy prior to my trial; your big-picture approach and composed nature prevailed. Your methods and insight are unparalleled. You are truly a master at your craft. I would definitely recommend you to anyone requiring legal assistance knowing you will exercise the same compassion and respect you did with me. I have the deepest admiration for you and am grateful for your assistance.”

S.B., Phoenix, Arizona

Dear Craig:
“I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you again. I appreciate the hard work and time that you put into my case.”

K.M., Tempe, Arizona

Dear Craig:
“I wanted to thank you and your firm for your dedicated help during my case. I know I was not your biggest client or most important either, but you took the time to help my mother and I with my DUI. I would not have the outcome I had if it was not for you and your staff. I felt informed at all times during my case and trail about what was coming next and what was expected of me. We did have an interesting twist when he assigned to 30 AA meetings, but other than that, the judgment was very similar to what you expected to happen I am very lucky to have had a lawyer with knowledge and experience like yourself. I would and will recommend you to anyone that has a similar case to mine for they will get the best service available. Again, it was a blessing to have you as my lawyer and I thank you for all your time spent with my family and I.”

B.S., Phoenix, Arizona

To Craig and Ralph:
“I want to thank you both for all of your hard work!! Who would have thought that obtaining a fingerprint clearance would have been so much trouble! Your office has been a life-saver for me. Being in Hawaii, I had no idea that Arizona would not recognize Hawaii’s state law or terminology. I seriously could not have done this without the help from you and Ralph. Thanks again for everything.”

E.T., Hawaii

Craig & Dave:
“I want to thank you both for an opportunity to learn and move on in my life without significant legal consequences. I would recommend both of you and your firm as counsel on this or any other matter you handle.

Thank you both immensely!”

H.W., Phoenix, Arizona

Dear Craig:
“Thank you so much for your compassion and hard work in dealing with my case. You saved my life. Thank you so very much.”

V.B. Glendale, Arizona

Dear Craig:
“I can’t thank you enough for getting my case dismissed and virtually giving my life back. As I told you upon our initial meeting, I am a “snowbird” and I did not have anyone to turn to for an attorney referral. I was so upset and felt that all I could do was open the “Yellow Pages” and go from there. It seemed the pages all fell open to your ad and from what I read I though I would take a chance. On our first meeting, I told you how vulnerable I felt and that I had to trust that you were good at what you did because my future was in your hands. You said you understood how I felt (and I could tell that you really meant it) and you assured me that you would do a very good job for me, however you never made any promises. I had a difficult case, and you were able to get it dismissed. You are such a professional but you are also a very kind man. I am a very fortunate person to have had hired you as my attorney. I would feel very confident to pass your name on to anyone I know. Thanks again Craig.”

C.F., Scottsdale, Arizona

Dear Craig:
“I want to extend my deepest appreciation and thankfulness to you and your law office. After talking with you, I was pleased you believed we had a winnable case on various fronts. Your professionalism and hometown warmth made me feel confident and at ease with my dilemma. I was very impressed with your aggressive questioning of the police officers. You truly showed your understanding of the technicalities involved in DUIs, for the officers seemed confused and, it felt to me, to be intimidated by your direct approach. You made me feel at ease after the hearing when you told me not to fear and that my best defense would be to appeal the case to a higher court. Your professional judgment was correct again. When we won the case outright on the appeal, I knew the conviction was overturned and would not appear on my record. So once again Craig thank you very much for your work and if I ever find myself in trouble again I will surely call you first and know you will do the best possible for me. I will always be indebted to you.”

J.D., Mesa, Arizona

Dear Craig:
“When I was charged with a Felony 3, I had no idea what I was faced with… I knew I had gone with the right law firm when, after 2 days of trial, the jury came back with a NOT GUILTY verdict… Craig, although this incident will always be part of my life, I thank you and Jeremy for all your hard work and dedication to my case. I thank you for believing in me and fighting for me.”

M.A., Phoenix, Arizona

Mr. Gillespie:
“When we initially met I truly believed my case was hopeless but because of your caring, expertise and skillful courtroom manner, my very serious felony drug charges – two class 2 and a class 3 – were all reduced to a class 6 simple possession. Thanks so much for helping me to regain my life and career. I recommend you and your awesome staff to everyone I know. Thanks again for everything and God Bless.”

T.M., Phoenix, Arizona

Mr. Gillespie:
“Since our initial meeting, you patiently spent time with me answering questions and explaining the legal issues involved in my case, and as a result, you gave me hope that I could prevail against DUI and DWI charges. You successfully got the charges dismissed and saved my driver’s license, and therefore, my faith in you as my attorney was clearly well-founded. Thank you again for all of your help.”

T.M., Scottsdale, Arizona

Mr. Gillespie:
“Thank you for all you have done for our family!”

G.K. & M.K., Glendale, Arizona

Dear Craig:
“I wish to thank you for a splendid analysis of my case, and for an artful plea bargain. Your persuasive ability resulted in the imposition of the minimum sentence, fine and fees. I could not have had better representation.”

G.R., Phoenix, Arizona

Mr. Gillespie:
“Thank you so much for presenting our case in such a professional way. When you presented all the facts during my DUI trial, I really felt you opened up the jury’s eyes as to what really happened. Again, thank you so much, and I will recommend you to anyone who needs legal help.”

G.E., Glendale, Arizona

Dear Craig:
“This letter is to thank you for the excellent representation and guidance you provided while handling my case in Phoenix, AZ. I was falsely accused of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon but through your diligent investigations & ability to present the “truth of the matter” to the judge, I was found not guilty.

Not only did you handle my representation in a very satisfactory way, you also helped me understand the criminal process which enabled me to survive the nightmare of being falsely accused.

I will definitely recommend you to others who may have a need for your legal services.”

S.D., Waterford, Pennsylvania

Dear Craig:
“Please know I am eternally grateful for everything you have done for me. Because of your willingness to believe in me, six months ago today I was given the opportunity to maintain my freedom. A day I will never forget. Again, thank you Craig from the bottom of my heart.”

M.B., Mesa, Arizona


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