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Skilled Criminal Defense of Major Felony and Misdemeanor Offenses

If you face Arizona felony or misdemeanor charges, consider working with an AV* rated criminal defense team that features a distinctive approach to the investigation and development of defenses in courts throughout Phoenix and all of Arizona. The Gillespie Law Firm has been awarded an A+ rating through the Arizona Better Business Bureau. Contact our criminal defense law firm for a free consultation.

Our Lawyers Find and Attack the Weaknesses in the Government’s Case against You

Our distinctive approach to Arizona criminal defense reflects our belief that an aggressive and thorough investigation of the details of any criminal case will pay dividends in the form of dismissed charges, favorable compromise pleas and victories at trial. For example, we routinely interview all of the prosecution witnesses at an early stage of the case, and review their recorded statements with our clients, and when appropriate, our own consulting experts. This exercise alone yields invaluable information about the hidden weaknesses inherent in the government’s case.

Our criminal lawyers in Phoenix, AZ represent clients from all backgrounds and circumstances, but the sophistication of our methods makes us a suitable choice for professionals such as airline pilots, physicians, teachers, commercial drivers and even other lawyers. We’re well aware of the professional licensing consequences attached to criminal convictions in many occupations, and we develop our defense strategies with those considerations firmly in mind.

Our attorneys also represent vacationers, visitors and other nonresidents who have been arrested for a DUI or other criminal offense during a brief visit to Greater Phoenix. Our DUI and criminal defense practice is suited as well to the needs of Arizona State students and college spring break tourists.

Under Investigation But Not Yet Charged? Call 602-253-1010

Especially on the more serious range of criminal charges related to Arizona DUI accidents, hit-and-run cases and other major felonies, you’ll probably become aware of an investigation before specific charges are filed against you. If you have the opportunity to engage counsel before you’re formally charged, we invite you to contact us as soon as you can. There’s a lot that an experienced Arizona criminal lawyer can do to help you during the pre-charge phase of a case.

Find out more about our practice, our methods and our client service values. Call The Gillespie Law Firm in Phoenix at 602-253-1010 for a free consultation.