Drug Crime Defense Lawyers in Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix criminal defense attorneys with extensive experience defending individuals accused of drug offenses in Arizona.

The Gillespie Law Firm, P.C. team of Phoenix, AZ drug crime defense lawyers have years of experience in successfully defending clients charged with drug offenses in Arizona. Our Phoenix, AZ criminal defense firm can handle all aspects of your case. If you choose to retain our leading criminal defense law firm, we will provide the highest level of Phoenix, AZ criminal defense representation available.

In Arizona, drug offenses are among the most commonly prosecuted crimes. These offenses vary from possession of drugs or drug paraphernalia for personal use, to possession of dangerous drugs for sale, to manufacture of narcotic drugs.

The range of penalties for drug offenses in Arizona depends on the drug, quantity and purpose of possession. It is more serious, for example, if you are charged with possessing marijuana with the intent to sell than if you are charged with possessing marijuana for personal use.

In drug cases, the prosecution’s most damaging evidence is usually the drugs seized by the law enforcement agency. The United States and Arizona Constitutions, however, require law enforcement officers to conduct “reasonable” searches and seizures. The general rule is that a search or seizure conducted without a search warrant is not “reasonable.” However, there are a number of exceptions to this rule that may allow a search without a warrant. These exceptions are the result of decades of case law, and whether they will apply is a complex area of law and can often turn on minor variations in facts from case to case. Therefore, if you are charged with a drug offense in Arizona, it is important that your drug crime attorney in Phoenix, AZ be familiar with this area of law and up to date on the latest court decisions in order to fully explore your available defenses. Even where a search is made with a search warrant, there are multiple defenses that may nonetheless apply.

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