Bench Warrants & Extradition Lawyer in Phoenix, AZ

Our Phoenix, Arizona criminal lawyers have extensive experience assisting individuals with their warrant or extradition issues.


Mr. Gillespie and the Phoenix bench warrant lawyers at The Gillespie Law Firm, P.C. have the knowledge and experience necessary to represent an individual threatened with a bench warrant.

Our bench warrant lawyers in Phoenix, AZ are often asked to assist clients in quashing Arizona Bench Warrants. A search warrant is issued when a defendant fails to appear for a scheduled court date. The judge orders the bench warrant for the defendant’s arrest. If a defendant is apprehended outside of Arizona on an outstanding Arizona felony warrant, Arizona may seek the defendant’s extradition back to Arizona. The decision to extradite depends in large part on the nature of the charges. An experienced Phoenix, AZ extradition defense attorney can help determine what your best legal options are and what the best corse of action moving forward is. If a defendant is apprehended in Arizona on an outstanding Arizona warrant, the defendant is not usually eligible for release until the defendant is taken before the court that issued the warrant.

When an Arizona bench warrant is issued and the defendant has an insufficient explanation for failing to appear, there can be serious consequences. These may include the defendant being further prosecuted for failing to appear as required by law, the court granting default judgment(s) against the defendant on civil traffic tickets, the defendant being held in civil contempt of court, the defendant’s Arizona driver’s license being suspended, and the defendant’s bond being forfeited. Failing to appear on an Arizona felony charge can be charged as a separate felony offense. Failing to appear on an Arizona misdemeanor can be charged as a separate misdemeanor offense.

Our bench warrant defense attorneys in Phoenix, AZ often assist out-of-custody defendants who have outstanding bench warrants by:

  1. filing a motion requesting the court quash the warrant (in many cases the client is not required to appear in court);
  2. arranging a date where the defendant can self-surrender before the judge that issued the bench warrant;
  3. appearing in court with the defendant to assist the court in setting conditions of release.
  4. having the defendant prepare to post-adequate bond; and
  5. asking the state to agree to reasonable conditions of release;


The Phoenix, AZ extradition attorneys at The Gillespie Law Firm have extensive experience in representing clients being “Extradited” back to Arizona, as well as from Arizona.

International Extradition

Extradition refers to the formal process by which an individual is delivered from the country where he is located to the requesting or demanding country in order to face prosecution, or if already convicted, to serve a sentence.

Extradition to the demanding country is subject to the laws, procedures and policies of the asylum or requested country (the country the defendant is to be delivered from). If the individual is extradited to the requesting country, the manner in which he is prosecuted or sentenced in the requesting country may be positively influenced by having a competent Phoenix, AZ criminal lawyer involved from the inception of the extradition proceedings.

International prisoner transfer may allow a person convicted of a crime in one country to be transferred to his home country of citizenship to serve the remainder of his sentence.

Interstate Extradition

Interstate extradition is the term given to the removal process of a person who happens to have an arrest warrant issued by a foreign state for an individual who later is picked up in another state or jurisdiction.

All extradition cases, whether the underlying charge is a felony or misdemeanor, are very serious and can result in immediate incarceration even though you are innocent of any charges. Therefore, if you have been arrested on an out-of-state arrest warrant, or if you are currently residing out-of-state resisting an Arizona arrest warrant, you should immediately contact an experienced extradition defense lawyer in Phoenix, AZ  who understands this area of the law.

The Gillespie Law Firm has some of the most experienced and successful Phoenix extradition lawyers and bench warrant defense attorneys who are committed to providing each and every client with the best possible legal defense possible. The team of defense attorneys at The Gillespie Law Firm have a proven successful track record of case results handling and defending clients in both bench warrant and extradition cases in the state of Arizona.