Probation Revocation Defense Lawyers in Phoenix, AZ

Our leading Phoenix, Arizona criminal defense lawyers have helped many individuals obtain a favorable result at their Arizona probation revocation proceeding.

Craig Gillespie and the Phoenix, AZ probation revocation attorneys at the Gillespie law firm have successfully defended many Petitions to Revoke Probation. In many of our cases, the petition was dismissed or the client was reinstated back to probation notwithstanding the violation.

In Arizona probation revocation proceedings, the probation department petitions the court to revoke the probation of the defendant. The petition sets forth the particulars of the alleged violations.

If the defendant has been arrested, he may be held without bond pending a hearing on the petition. At the hearing, the state has the burden of proving by a preponderance of the evidence that the defendant violated the conditions of probation. The defendant has the right to counsel, the right against self-incrimination, the right to a public hearing, the right to call witnesses and to issue compulsory process to compel their attendance, the right to confront and examine witnesses called by the state, and the right to present evidence on his own behalf. However, the defendant does not have a right to a jury trial. If the defendant is found to have violated the conditions of probation, the court may reinstate the defendant on probation with the same or additional terms. Alternatively, the court can terminate probation and remand the defendant to state prison, taking into account the best interests of the defendant and the public. However, if the probationer violates “intensive probation” with a new felony offense, reinstatement may not be available.

The Phoenix criminal defense lawyers at The Gillespie Law Firm, P.C. can help you throughout your probation revocation proceeding. Our leading probation revocation lawyers in Phoenix, AZ have the expertise, the knowledge and the experience to help you obtain a favorable result at your Arizona probation revocation proceeding. Contact The Gillespie Law Firm for a free legal consultation with one of our defense lawyers.