Theft/White Collar Crime Case Results

We include a partial list of our firm's past results to demonstrate how many of our cases are positively completed and to show why we believe there are very few hopeless situations. Although examples of past cases do not constitute a guarantee or prediction concerning the outcome of your legal matter, we believe you have everything to gain by retaining us as your legal team.

Client Court Charges Result
AC Maricopa Superior Theft (Class 2) Dismissed
HS Maricopa Superior Assisting Criminal Syndicate, Illegal Enterprise, Money Laundering & Prostitution Dismissed
SV Maricopa Superior Theft (18 counts) Misdemeanor
JL Maricopa Superior Fraud Schemes, Theft (4 counts) Misdemeanor
DC Maricopa Superior Theft (Class 2) (Over $100K) Probation
SB Maricopa Superior Fraud Schemes (8 counts), ID Theft Probation
JK Maricopa Superior Fraudulent Schemes, Theft, Conspiracy, Illegal Enterprise (18 counts) Probation
TE Maricopa Superior Theft, Fraud Schemes (9 counts) Probation
GK Maricopa Superior Theft Dismissed
MM Maricopa Superior Fraud Schemes (Class 2) Misdemeanor