Phoenix, AZ Professional Licensing Defense Lawyers

The Phoenix, Arizona criminal defense attorneys at the Gillespie Law Firm have helped many individuals retain their professional licenses.

Craig Gillespie and his fellow Phoenix professional licensing lawyers at The Gillespie Law Firm, P.C. have the knowledge and experience necessary to represent the professional on their criminal charges and guide the professional through the potential collateral occupational consequence attendant thereto.

There are many factors at work in the case of the professional who is accused of crime in Arizona; it is critical that the advice of a competent, creative, and insightful professional licensing defense attorney in Phoenix, AZ be considered, since a conviction can have ramifications far beyond the prosecution itself.

Certain types of arrests or subsequent criminal convictions can affect a person’s ability to obtain or keep virtually every professional license that is regulated by the state. Some professions require that the crime be related to the duties of the profession before the license will be affected; others will be affected based solely upon arrest or conviction.

For example, many state regulated professionals, including, but not limited to, educators and individuals who are employed by or contract with state or county government to care for or provide services to children and/or the disabled or handicapped, are required to maintain a state issued Fingerprint Clearance Card. For certain offenses, based on an arrest alone, the State of Arizona will suspend the Fingerprint Clearance Card.

Under Arizona law, some professionals are required to timely notify the applicable professional licensing board or office upon arrest or upon being charged with an offense. Under certain circumstances, the judge shall send a copy of the defendant’s conviction to any board or office where the defendant has a license to engage in a profession or to carry on a business. At the judge’s discretion, the judge may suspend or revoke said license. Furthermore, under Arizona law, a person may be denied state employment, license, permit, or certificate to engage in an occupation by reason of a prior felony or misdemeanor conviction if the offense has some reasonable relationship to the duties or functions of the employment, license, permit, or certificate.

Most state and federal licensing laws require either arrest, conviction, commission of a felony or misdemeanor involving moral turpitude, or that the conduct be substantially related to the individual’s professional duties before it may affect the professional’s license.

Although our Phoenix criminal defense attorneys represents clients from all walks of life, our success has led to the representation of many local professionals including attorneys, doctors, federal agents, police officers, professional athletes, executives of Fortune 500 companies, commercial drivers, passenger airline pilots, and even members of the clergy. Mr. Gillespie has lectured on professional licensing consequences of criminal convictions to other members of the State Bar.

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