Assault and Violent Crime Case Results

We include a partial list of our firm's past results to demonstrate how many of our cases are positively completed and to show why we believe there are very few hopeless situations. Although examples of past cases do not constitute a guarantee or prediction concerning the outcome of your legal matter, we believe you have everything to gain by retaining us as your legal team.

Client Court Charges Result
JL Maricopa Superior Aggravated Assault & Endangerment, Dangerous Offenses Dismissed
AK Maricopa Superior Kidnapping, Robbery, Drug Paraphernalia Dismissed
KF Maricopa Superior Aggravated Assault, Dangerous Weapons Dismissed
SS Maricopa Superior Aggravated Assault Dismissed
LL Northeast Phoenix Aggravated Assault Dismissed
NA Maricopa Superior Armed Robbery, Burglary, Aggravated Assault with Dangerous Weapon Probation
NJ Maricopa Superior Armed Robbery Probation
CM Maricopa Superior Aggravated Assault Dismissed
ML Maricopa Superior Armed Robbery, Kidnapping Probation
LS Maricopa Superior Armed Robbery, Aggravated Robbery, Auto Theft Probation